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Florin Award

The Florins are created to stimulate innovation in the transaction services industry. For more information on the process and background go here.

Global Payment Summit

The Global Payment Summit held aims to bridge global strategic developments in payments and related transaction services by offering a unique strategic platform for exchanging expertise amongst professionals in the field.. More information

EPCA Payment Summit 2014

We are happy to announce the 13th EPCA Payment Summit will be held in Brussels 12 - 13 March 2014. The event will be content focussed, with ample networking opportunities, learning moments, discussions and new payment visions. We are working hard to service all delegates with top of the bill speakers on strategic and innovative topics.  More information

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Payments Indonesia

Payments Indonesia (PI) is both a strategic and pragmatic platform: “for and by professionals”. Professionals form the transaction and payments industry and the e-commerce business will debate essential next step developments in Indonesia. We will cover issues on amongst others payment innovations, digital consumer insights, new regulatory requirements.. More information

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eID Network

The eID network conference focuses on eID in relation to online services toward persons, businesses and governments. We believe eID and related concepts are crucial for advancing e-business transactions, therefore we refer to this as ‘transactional eID’. The conference  gives an overview of the actual developments and insight in background of eID systems, different solutions and its applications in different countries.
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