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14 February 2012

Antonio Bracaglia of Poste Italiane will speak about the voyage of OSCar from the drawing board as a R&D project,...

...all the way to the operational challenges that had to be overcome to arrive at the current pilot phase with transactions in a real life situation. Due to its increasing business, Poste Italiane has joined the OSCar Consortium with the intention of demonstrating the quality of new SEPA standards and to adopt them into a new e-payments platform, called TITAN.
OSCar is an international initiative that aims at facilitating and speeding up the implementation of the SEPA Cards Standards in the terminal-to-acquirer domain.  

definition of security and functional requirements for new payment products
certification and type approval processes
implementation and testing of new protocols
risk analysis and risk assessment

Antonio Bracaglia –  OSCar Steering Committe member / E-payments development - Poste Italiane, has been working in standardisation SEPA initiatives for many years and will share his experience on April 19th.


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