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Next Generation Alternative Retail Payments: Infrastructure Requirements

17 December 2014

The advance of e-/m-commerce has sparked a large number of new and innovative payment initiation methods that cater for all kinds of contexts, which are commonly called electronic Alternative Payments (e-APs).

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Do we need a new EU Network for EU Payments Interoperability?

17 December 2014

Suddenly the payments talk is of EU payments “technical interoperability” frameworks and new networks. The analysis looks at the key issues the EC and ECB need to consider when assessing the impact of their vision for “any payments acceptance” across the EU.

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The Mobile Internet Economy in Europe

17 December 2014

Powered by the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets (and the prospect of new applications, such as “wearables” and machine-to-machine communication)—as well as by vigorous competition between mobile ecosystems—the mobile Internet is having a big and growing economic impact in Europe, as it is elsewhere.

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Online virtual currencies: #cash becoming truly digital?

11 December 2012

Electronic money is not just regular money going online. Virtual currencies have specific monetary attributes and the potential to revolutionize the entire payments infrastructure.

Jon Matonis will present these important differences and new opportunities.
Virtual currency, or digital cash, should replicate the functionality of physical cash in the real world setting, namely it should be a digital bearer instrument. The key questions that will be addressed include:

1. Do we have to lose the privacy attributes of physical cash in the switch to a cashless society?
2. What are the essential requirements for an ideal virtual currency? 
3. How does the cryptocurrency bitcoin fit into this new payments infrastructure?
4. How can consumers and merchants benefit from the adoption of virtual currency? 

Jon Matonis is an e-Money researcher and board director at the Bitcoin Foundation. He will speak at the EPCA Payment Summit on the afternoon of March 21, in the online currencies track. 
Jon also writes a weekly tech column for Forbes Magazine. His career has included senior influential posts at Sumitomo Bank, VISA, VeriSign, and Hushmail.

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