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Building #Payment Solutions with #Bitcoin

8 January 2013

Bitcoin is an innovative transaction technology that has been running on the internet since 2009.

Just like other internet protocols that enabled the inception of the web or e-mail, bitcoin is free and open source: As such, it is very disruptive to existing payment business models based on proprietary networks and technologies.

Bitcoin is particularly relevant in speeding up the checkout process, opening new opportunities for merchants. Bitcoins can be used to process transactions in any currency because they can be traded on online exchanges like Bitcoin-Central.

Pierre Noizat of Bitcoin-Central, who is running a Bitcoin exchange out of Paris, will give us insights into the practice of Bitcoin, including questions such as:

  1. What can real world merchants and consumers do with Bitcoin?
  2. What does the innovation roadmap look like for Bitcoin-Central?
  3. What are typical business models for Bitcoin?
Bitcoin-Central got into the news recently because they use a regulated partner to hold the currency accounts of their clients. Pierre Noizat is a co-founder of Paymium, the company behind Bitcoin-Central. Join this session on the afternoon of 21 March. 

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