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For the past ten years, over 1500 leading professionals have been gathering together at the European Payment Summit (previously known as EPCA Payment Summit). This proves the importance of exchanging innovation and overall payment experience in the wholesale and consumer marketplace. The purpose is to be a top level environment for the exchange of business insight and networking. The conference is completely organized by and for professionals, ensuring the highest level of quality in all aspects.

European Payments Summit works closely with The European Payments Consulting Association (EPCA) is a pan-European association of independent national consultancies, each of which has expertise in payment systems and payment products. The group works with most of the leading players in payments. EPCA has members based in Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Russia and the Netherlands. More information on: EPCA Group 

EPCA Payment summit 2015

EPCA Payment summit 2014

EPCA Payment Summit 2012 Fostering Europe's digital agenda

EPCA Payments conference 2011 Unlocking the payments potential

EPCA Payments conference 2010 Reaching new frontiers

EPCA Payments conference 2009 Breaking down the walls!?

EPCA Payments conference 2008 ‘Releasing the power of payments’

EPCA Payments conference 2007 'Reshaping the European payment landscape'

EPCA Payments conference 2006 ‘Payment innovation beyond SEPA’

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