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Finance in the eye of the disruption

Finance in the eye of the disruption

06 February 2015

Finance in the eye of the disruption

Changing innovations and disruptions in payments have a big impact on retail banking as it defines customer interactions and transactions. How should retail banking stay ahead of technologies and new behaviors?

New apps for mobile payments and the likes are announced as often as we check. Even the most unaware consumer now faces a plethora of choices when it comes to payment. Telcos, payment providers, aggregators, retailers -- all stakeholders recognize the transaction space and want some slice of this. What does this imply for the banking institutions? 

Sirpa Nordlund will discuss all the key developments in finance and banking in the midst of disruption, and looking towards the ubiquitous mobile payments. Take aways include:

  • Retail Banking: the next field of disruption. 'Outlook 2020'
  • Positioning HCE & Apple...
  • Anticipating on changing customer behavior
  • Next steps in mobile payments

Sirpa Nordlund is executive director of the Mobey Forum, which is a global industry organization empowering banks to lead in mobile money. The members include banks such as HSBC, ING, and Royal Bank of Scotland and software firms such as Monitise, Oberthur, Fiserv and SAP.

Sirpa spent 13 years at telecom and finance industry before joining Mobey Forum. During 10 years at Nokia she had several positions in sales, strategy, business development and finance at Nokia before departing for a senior position at Venyon, a subsidiary of Giesecke & Devrient which provided trusted mobile services for financial institutions. Sirpa holds a Master of Science degree in economics from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, majoring in finance.

Ms. Nordlund has held the position of Mobey Forum Executive Director since 2010.

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