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Growth beyond borders

Growth beyond borders

03 March 2015

Growth beyond borders

Rolf will share insightful facts & figures on ecommerce, international trends and online shopping preferences in different countries. His case study on Cross-border eCommerce Import & Export Europe and China will highlight the particularities of Chinese ecommerce and the perceived barriers to enter this enormous market.

Through projects such as FTZ, China opens up to international trade and paves the way for a smoother entry for foreign companies to the Chinese market. Rolf will also introduce the audience to the new initiative of Cross-border eCommerce Community (CBEC), explaining the urgent need to create an international ecommerce platform that connects merchants, ecommerce solution providers and government initiatives. Paying significant attention to the Customer Journey and educating the market, CBEC supports merchants around the world to sell/ buy cross-border and boost Import and Export trade. 
The European-sponsored project, dubbed PECOS4SMEs, is also important for the education of merchants worldwide. CBEC is the main contributor of this platform – The Ecommerce Genie, where merchants can log in and find cross-border ecommerce information relevant to their business and international point of interest. One of the founders of CBEC, Payvision, has recently launched a mobile app, which offers to the subscribers access to up-to-date research on current trends, emerging markets and business opportunities, as well as Payvision’s infographics on in-depth ecommerce and cross-border data from key markets across the globe. 


Rolf Visser is the Vice President of Global Marketing at Payvision, an independent global card processor for the ecommerce industry. In an expanding cross-border ecommerce market, Payvision is one of the fastest-growing global acquiring networks, connecting Acquiring Banks, PSPs, ISOs and their merchants to ONE Global Acquiring Platform, based on a non-competitive partnership model.

Rolf is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of the CBEC (Cross-Border Ecommerce Community), a strategic global cross-border ecommerce knowledge hub. The CBEC focuses on sharing research and knowledge, thus educating the ecommerce market in a variety of disciplines and industries.

Rolf is a graduate in Digital Internet Marketing with Highest Honors from Beeckestijn Business School at VU University of Amsterdam, with 12 years’ experience in the retail POS industry prior to 12 further years’ experience in international marketing. The last six years of his work have been in ecommerce and the payment industry.

Rolf has a forward thinking marketing vision, introducing multichannel, inbound marketing techniques and an award-winning business model, helping transform and elevate businesses through brand equity.

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