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The future of payments is now… and what’s next

The future of payments is now… and what’s next

30 January 2015

The future of payments is now…   and what’s next

The digital world has progressively entered our daily life, and it is about to revolutionize the payment market the same way it revolutionized the advertising and media markets.

"“In this highly competitive payment business, under increasing regulatory pressure, the winners will be those able to empower their clients with the most valuable services by leveraging digital innovations.”

Wolf Kunish and Oliver Maas, from Worldline delivers the future and now in payments, giving their take on these questions:

  • Big data, biometry, wallets: how to deal with a tsunami of changes?
  • DSP2, SEPA, digital identity: Are we heading towards new banking ecosystems?Ap
  • Apple Pay, bitcoin, privacy: the next generation of customers: are they in the driving seat?

Tomorrow’s payments, as we already do it today

Smartphone and digital technology today bring opportunities for new payment means. They also raise new challenges to provide increased security and better fraud detection, relying more and more on user behavior and device fingerprinting. Surfing on these recurring waves of technology - from mobile biometric authentication to crypto-currencies – internet players now seek to become payment players. These new players have forced legacy actors to review their business strategy, enrich their solutions beyond payment to check in & checkout and in an omni channel approach.

Tomorrow’s payments, as designed by our innovation teams

You will have the opportunity to see concrete demonstrations of how Worldline R&D departments are designing tomorrow’s payment. Topics showcased will range from continuous and adaptive authentication to bitcoin acceptance on legacy POS terminal, HCE mobile payment with Certified Customer review, Smart wearable payment, privacy protection in fraud detection…

Download our position papers about “Authentication” or “Top ten success factors for implementing a Wallet solution

Wolf Kunisch is a graduate of the Technische Universität Berlin and of INSEAD’s MBA program. He is currently responsible for the Group’s Financial Processing & Software Licensing global business line as well as its German and Eastern Europe geographical zones, and has been in charge of Worldline in Germany since 2010 and in Austria since 2013.

Olivier Maas is working within Worldline's R&D team. He is a main contributor to Worldline innovation activities in the field of payment, security and trust through collaborative projects, proofs of concept, networking, innovation workshops and events. 

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