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News - 2016

Big Data for Financial Services: How to Get ROI? | Paper download

04 March 2016

Big data promises to yield substantial returns, but exploiting it in order to see measurable business results can be challenging. How can businesses use these new technologies to see measurable results and ROI?

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Instant Payments & Europe: The reason why.

24 February 2016

Is Europe ready for Real-time / instant Payments? What can we learn from the UK, USA and Singapore (Fast)? We get your burning questions answered in this expert panel discussion.

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Mobile Digital Payments: the end for cards? New directions from a messy playing field

16 February 2016

The digital revolution doesn’t just stop at the classical payment card. On the contrary: Mobile Digital Payment solutions providing a new way of convenience, that makes payment processes much leaner – and even smarter.

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Secure Payments on the Internet -- the Eurozone discussion

08 February 2016

The EU has adopted or is in the process of adopting a number of overlapping rules on the safety of internet payments. The ECB and the SecuRe Forum took the initial lead for the Eurozone.

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The Global Payments Innovation Initiative

05 February 2016

Much has been spoken about Fintech companies gaining traction over traditional banks with legacy systems and slow-to-act corporate hierarchies. Corporate expectations and new payment market entrants are putting pressure on the banks to innovate the traditional correspondent banking model for cross-border payments.

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The next reality in transactions

02 February 2016

Is there room left for a European payments infrastructure as we the American infrastructure is already there and entering the European market, accompanied by the Chinese? Does the next reality in transactions means the end of an European infrastructure?

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FinTech Bubble about to Burst?

01 February 2016

There is no doubt financial services were crying out for some variation. The existing bastions in the financial sector had been stuck in their ICT silos and long-term planning for quite some time. And so the only place where real innovation was going to come from was from outside …

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AP-Why? (in depth debate on API developments)

26 January 2016

​Whilst data is fitting as the currency of the new digital economy, some have proposed that APIs could be the oxygen of the same! Seen in the likes of airbnb, uber, open efficient APIs allows for an extension and escalation of the platform successfully.

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e-Payments in Europe: Are we ready to standardise?

26 January 2016

With PSD2 and other initiatives in the market like instant payments, E-IDAS, open banking, Europe has her arms wide open for innovation and aims to inspire more market competition.

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AML as a competitive advantage

15 January 2016

The current minimum European AML rules have resulted in differences between member states’ AML/KYC requirements. While the regulator pushes to a risk-based approach, member states and financial institutions are left to interpret AML regulations as they see fit, leading to different processes for CDD across Europe and its players...

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Regulatory Developments in the SEPA region

13 January 2016

How will current regulatory developments re-shape the future payment landscape in Europe? There are fundamental changes happening expressing the EU commission’s and EU regulator’s desire to reshape the payment industry for years to come.

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Blockchain... The Big Shift in 2016

13 January 2016

According to an article in Forbes, every financial institution in the world has some sort of internal R&D effort aimed at understanding how the Blockchain will effect their business. And in 2016, "many will be moving past the thinking and testing-the-waters stage and onto product development stage” (Coindesk).

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Have expert insights into the trending social commerce space? We want you to speak!

12 January 2016

Share your vision on how social commerce will be the next break

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Fierce debate on "change-makers' in payments @ #EPS16

15 December 2015

Lots has been shared about PSD-II, Access to the Account, Instant Payments and the fast changes by API technologies. Douwe Lycklama (CEO Innopay) will moderate a fierce debate amongst key experts and thought-leaders of the European payment landscape.

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Do you believe in Santa? Of Course!

03 December 2015

Register now for the EUROPEAN Payment Summit and get 20% discount off delegate fees - a special gift from us!

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News - 2015

Growth beyond borders

03 March 2015

Rolf will share insightful facts & figures on ecommerce, international trends and online shopping preferences in different countries. His case study on Cross-border eCommerce Import & Export Europe and China will highlight the particularities of Chinese ecommerce and the perceived barriers to enter this enormous market.

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Invisible Payments - Innovation management to cater future solutions

26 February 2015

What will be the future of payments? Join a keynote briefing with Michael Schneider - strategist at AirPlus - and expand your barriers for visionary thinking.

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How to make Big Data really work for the Transaction business

23 February 2015

Big Data is praised as "the new oil". Is there anything real behind the hype? How in can work for your transaction business?

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Beyond payments… vision on next generation developments and the challenges for the FSI

18 February 2015

Payments have become “a commodity service” . This is a commonly heard message. Given the fact that large international players like Google, Apple, Facebook enter the payments space, there must be more value and/or strategic leverage for payments services.

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Finance in the eye of the disruption

06 February 2015

Changing innovations and disruptions in payments have a big impact on retail banking as it defines customer interactions and transactions. How should retail banking stay ahead of technologies and new behaviors?

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Frontiers of innovations. Are we heading to the post-innovation era in payments?

06 February 2015

For years, the industry innovated to make the payment process for the customer as simple as possible. But with the simplicity came a price. Molding different instruments into one interface, are we heading to the point when there is nothing more to innovate?

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Access to the Account - next steps

02 February 2015

In this era, where trends and businesses are shaped by speedily changing technologies, the update of regulations has to accelerate to keep pace with market realities. In Europe, PSD-2 will soon be in place and Third Party Payment (TPP) service providers will have direct access to customer accounts.

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The blockchain: new innovation driver for banks

30 January 2015

Blockchain technology: although the concept is not widely understood yet, its potential for the financial sector is becoming more apparent every day.

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The future of payments is now… and what’s next

30 January 2015

The digital world has progressively entered our daily life, and it is about to revolutionize the payment market the same way it revolutionized the advertising and media markets.

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A Common Real Time Network for Payments Interoperability?

27 January 2015

Envision a European network of payments, in any format, made anywhere, and processed in real time. Would the surmounting the challenge of this set up outweigh the benefits and cost savings for consumers and businesses?

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How will the key mass-market transaction technology evolve in the coming years?

26 January 2015

Since mobile has become yesterday's news, what will be key retail transaction technology to watch out for? This is the question for every FinTech company in payments as market players jostle for that slice of the pie.

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Advancing payment innovation by banks opening up digitally

26 January 2015

Vincent Brennan will present the Euro Banking Association’s latest opinion paper on the growth of ‘electronic Alternative Payments’ (eAPs). In this vision the banking infrastructure and the eAP world can accelerate by interoperating with the SEPA and cards infrastructures through an interoperable API infrastructure.

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Payments Innovation: riding the wave of FinTech

20 January 2015

FinTech has grown very large over the past years: worldwide more than USD 4 billion (2014 est.) is invested in FinTech startups and to a large extend (>25%) into payment technology companies. The Payment industry has been highly innovative long before FinTech became something.

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Transactions Drive the Need for Identity

13 January 2015

The online world offers business the opportunity to re-engineer business processes, and gain economies of scale through automation and reach. Online Identity, thus far has been resistant to change, with manual backend process being the norm, with highly localised approaches.

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Digital Identity: the mother of all transactions

12 January 2015

Digital Identity services have the potential to radically change the retail and payment landscape. The ongoing digital transformation of society leads to more and more electronic interaction between users and merchants, institutions and governments.

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XS2A: New EU Payment Revolution?

12 November 2013

A sea of change in the online (and therefore mobile) retail payment landscape is set to happen, due to the proposed regulation for ‘accessing payment account’ (XS2A).

A sea of change in the online (and therefore mobile) retail payment landscape is set to happen, due to the proposed regulation for ‘accessing payment account’ (XS2A) of consumers, by third parties without having to be part of the existing payment schemes. 

Access to the account can be interpreted in different ways by many stakeholders such as banks, card schemes, payment service providers, acquirers, processors and TPP’s (Third Party Providers , term from PSDii text). Will XS2A indeed provoke the desired increase in innovation, market growth and internal market integration?

For sure the payment landscape will shift fast. Many more participants will enter the transaction space in new roles with new features. The simple world of transactions might turn into a complex web of interdependencies with all risks and in-transparency involved… Or new incumbents will restructure transactions into 'logical' consumer services, closer to the customer, enabling more direct control on security, functionality and efficiency.

At EPCA Summit we will dedicate ample time on XS2A, including a pre-conference workshop in the morning of 12 March and a summary session on 13 March. On top of this we expect this topic to be strongly visible in various other sessions on payments and digital identity.

Download your essentials on XS2A:

ECB SecuREpay recommendation for strong authentication of all online transactions by 2015

Essentials New EC Directive

Innopay blogs on XS2A

The Concept of an Open Standard Interface for Controlled Access to Payment Services (CAPS)
By Michael Salmony (Executive Advisor to the Board of Directors, Equens)


Mr Philippe Pelle, deputy head of the Retail Financial Services and Consumer Policy at the European Commission (DG Internal Market and Services) will be one of the key note officials at EPCA Payment Summit on XS2A. A career official, Philippe has covered many different policy grounds ranging from direct taxation, financial reporting, corporate governance, the fight against money laundering to GATS negotiations and the enlargement of the EU. Prior to joining the European Commission, Philippe worked in auditing and in investment banking in Paris. Philippe is a graduate from the London School of Economics and a qualified chartered accountant.

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